Top Virtual Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams in 2022

So, as you explore and implement the various collaboration tools discussed in this blog post, remember that Breakthrough Ally is here to help you take your remote team to the next level. Whether you’re looking to expand your team with hard-to-find global talents or seeking streamlined solutions for remote talent acquisition, Breakthrough Ally has you covered. Discover the possibilities that await you and your remote team by connecting with Breakthrough Ally today. Employees can manage their client work on one platform, from invoicing to time tracking.

  • Hubstaff is a robust time tracking and productivity-monitoring software that helps streamline our company operations and ensure optimal productivity across our team.
  • There’s a team-cohesion benefit, too, as people will feel closer to each other when they see each other often and regularly.
  • That being said, we’d recommend that you go for the premium plan at $25/month since it lets you add your own custom branding to the platform.
  • Also, after each meeting, you’ll get an automatic meeting recap, including an AI-powered summary.
  • With this online tool, you can pick from a variety of games and play them with your team without actually having to be in one place.

Outline your expectations regarding productivity during these designated times. This step is crucial in preventing ambiguity and establishing well-defined deliverables for employees. Providing the right tools and having the right activities won’t help if you don’t have an organizational culture that embraces collaboration. Building and fostering such a culture is not an easy task, especially for a large organization. Setting goals and objectives is the foremost task necessary for developing a company.

Google Docs: Best real-time document collaboration software

Donut is another top-notch employee engagement tool that helps remote employees communicate effortlessly. It provides a variety of different templates to build and maintain meaningful human relationships. Are you tired of juggling multiple communication tools and losing track of important conversations? Slack could be your all-in-one platform to streamline teamwork, enhance productivity, and simplify work communication. GitLab prides itself on being an all-in-one DevOps platform that provides essentially every feature that developers need. However, those looking for extended functionality such as roadmaps, merge approvals, pipeline graphs, and container scanning should consider an upgrade.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Tasks are assigned to specific people, so once someone checks “done” from the task they are assigned, the next step is automatically assigned to the next person in the workflow. There’s no question about whether a file was updated or instructions were followed—the box is checked. On top of that, Teams provides calendar sharing and availability to keep scheduling conflicts from catching anyone by surprise.

Project management tools

Speaking of online communication, let’s take a detour over to the VoIP space. You can also have audio conference calls that will help you run group projects from the comfort of your own home. Slack provides a secure and reliable way to keep in touch with your remote team, external partners, and customers.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

While Notion offers offline access to your documents and pages, it’s less robust than other dedicated offline tools. You may find that certain features are unavailable or limited when working offline. Notion is an integrated workspace where seamless collaboration and productivity thrive. With Notion, you’ll experience the power of a connected workspace that caters to diverse needs, leverages AI, and helps teams achieve more together. Zoom is a great tool, but it’s declining in popularity as tools like Google Meet and Slack’s Huddles feature have started to catch up.

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Designed exclusively for Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, Polly is another employee engagement tool in our list that simplifies polling. Working remotely can present its fair share of challenges, particularly for teams that rely on seamless communication and collabor… Are you seeking a comprehensive solution to boost your team’s productivity, manage your workforce more efficiently, and gain actionable insights into your operations?

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So far we’ve mentioned project management tools that aren’t specific to software development. Most of them have some ability to cater to developers, but the layouts are simple and user-friendly. In short, it consists of a digital space that helps remote teams communicate and share ideas and comments in real-time. Instead of sending an email, team members get to connect instantly with their coworkers making the communication process faster.

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Just like Dropbox, generate custom data links for sharing with your team members. Get a simple toned down tasks lists for your teams to view and take action on. In a physical office, people frequently chat, stop by coworkers’ cubicles, and even hang out after work, but virtual co-workers often don’t have that luxury. Complete the table in the template by adding a list of the equipment your company will provide for remote work. For each item, fill in the “Date Provided to [insert employee name]” and add any relevant notes.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

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