Drone los angeles

Augustus Films  is passionate about providing stunning aerial photography and videography with first-class professionalism and a consistently perfect safety record. BEP was the first drone operator in the state of Arizona, starting over 4 years ago before most people knew what a drone was. We have the eye to get that ideal shot every time and we are committed to quality, efficiency, teamwork and clear communication. We relish the energetic and positive reactions we consistently receive from our clients regarding the videos and photography we provide. Birds Eye Productions makes aerial videography and photography affordable and tangible. We are dedicated to taking every project to new heights.

Our Visual Effects VFX Services Los Angeles range from:

  • Small projects like special effects content for mom and pops and small businesses
  • supervise and produce company or corporate projects to utilize internally or push through social channels
  • Supporting independent or indie film makers by providing the VFX work to finish their films
  • Multi-Day VFX support working with producers, studios, media companies, agencies and managers
  • Being the primary VFX team for globally released Feature Films such as Kickboxer: Vengeance

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