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We Inspire Creativity.

We are creative artists who have a passion for developing unique content
for the television, motion picture and digital streaming industries

We Inspire Creativity.

We are creative artists who have a passion for developing unique content for the television, motion picture and digital streaming industries
Augustus Films

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Effective video comes in four parts.

Our Production Process

A strategy is the backbone of any successful video project. We'll craft you a video strategy with the right targeting, tactics and messaging to reach your goals.


Using a blend of imagination and insight, we develop a creative concept for your video. Once the idea is fleshed out we build the narrative.


Next we write a video script that incorporates your message and story. We also help you visualize the finished piece through a storyboard.


The production team handles filming. After that comes editing and animation work, where your story and creative idea are brought to life.

Justin Bieber Seasons Ep 4

Justin & Hailey

Justin and Hailey open up about how they met, why they think it’s meant to be, and what’s it’s like to embark on the most important season of their life: marriage.

We are grateful to have been a small part of Justin and Hailey’s Story. Thank you Scooter Braun, for invited us to New York to capture the behind the scenes on the Today Show where Justin performed live in front of 6,000 of his fans.

JLo - Its My Party Tour

Guess Campaign

Street Ships Trailer

Life-long neighbors Alex and Jenna turn an otherwise ordinary childhood into a life of fantastical journeys with their imaginations. Toy blocks and castles give way to first cars and street ships as the two discover the bigger they allow themselves to dream, the better they cope with life. Director Jamie Brindle brings the words of John O.S. Houston to life through colorful imagery and VFX in this 18-min short film.

Directed By
Jamie Brindle

Written & Produced By
John OS Houston

Visual Effects By:

Caesar Augustus & Srdjan Vasics

Augustus Films in Association with Mosquito Adventures

Who We Are.

We compel your audience to act.

We are a creative and boutique Post Production Los Angeles based studio with a passion for creating outstanding Television, Cinema and Online content. Our first priority is working with good people who align with our passion and have a compelling story or message they want us to create. Combine that with our team’s ability to create commercially viable entertainment projects reaching large global audiences in sustainable and ongoing ways that satisfy everyone’s outcomes.
Our client base, whether individuals, small to large scale companies, celebrities or motion picture projects are all given high-quality production deliverables from all parts of the globe, bringing quality content to millions of consumers. The services we offer range from video editing, VFX / Visual Effects, development, & design services worldwide. So whether you need pre-production help to kick-start an internal video project or polish work on an existing video, trust Augustus to become an integrated part of your organization’s marketing team. We partner and work with like-minded individuals and creators who have the same drive and passion. We believe that a world with communication and visual engagement is a world united and inspired.

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Whats Next?

Talk to us about your video needs and we'll create a quote to suit your goals and budget.