We Are Augustus Films

Since 2003, Augustus Films has been imagining and building worlds for the visual effects and animation for the feature film, television and advertising industries. Since the inception, we’ve always maintained an artist-centric approach, placing our talented and highly passionate team at the center of everything that we do. Every sequence, every shot and every frame has a story to tell and a message to convey. We involve designers in everything we do to make sure we maintain a level of sophistication and visual continuity to aid and never detract from the message. We feel tremendously fortunate to do what we do with deep rooted curiosity and enthusiasm as we look towards opportunities to learn, to grow and to innovate.

Every sequence, every shot and every frame has a story to tell and message to convey.

The Team

The Augustus Films team is comprised of compositors, designers, filmmakers, storytellers, writers, CG artists, animators, cyclists, wrestlers, ice hockey players and parents. We are open, collaborative and make use of our collective experience both inside the studio as well as out to shape and give meaning to everything we do. We find it isn’t always about the best animator or the best modeler, but more about the RIGHT individual for the task. Our ideal recipe is the perfect balance of talent, passion and willingness to learn from and work in concert with others.

Caesar Augustus

CEO | Creative Director | Producer

Caesar Augustus is a Spanish-Italian creative director/Producer from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Launched Augustus Films in 2003, where he started working with Artists such as Justin Bieber and Asher Roth with media entrepreneur, Scooter Braun.

He focused on building relationships with brands, agencies, and studios gaining the trust of such companies: Awesomeness Tv an Dreamworks company, MTV-Paramount, Comcast, Toys R Us, Guess Jeans, Philadelphia Flyers, Tinder, Jabra, Microsoft, Snapchat and Warner Bros.

In 2014, Augustus Produced an MTV special entitled, CKY: The Greatest Hits , a one-hour special is the story of the crew of misfits led by skater Bam Margera whose home movies became one of the world’s first viral videos, exploding into pop culture and becoming part of the blockbuster Jackass franchise. The special includes never-before-seen footage of Bam, Ryan Dunn and the rest of the CKY crew. Directed by Joseph Frantz and Produced and Sold by Caesar Augustus.

In 2015, Augustus was an executive producer in “Kickboxer: Vengeance” starring Alain Moussi, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dave Bautista, Gina Carano, Georges St-Pierre and Darren Shahlavi. RLJ Entertainment bought the rights to “Kickboxer: Vengeance,” a remake of the original 1989 “Kickboxer” as well as “KickBoxer Retaliation” , producer on “JuJitsu”, with Nicholas Cage.

Caesar is the creative force behind all Augustus Films projects, where he continues to drive creativity and push boundaries in entertainment experiences . His closely works with all Augustus project to develop new IP for projects to pitch to networks and media platforms to represent your brand.

Srdjan Vasics

Animation Partner / Exec. Creative Director

Advertising director, writer, producer, animator and special effects supervisor Srđan Vasić, born in Belgrade on April 4, 1980, began his career at a music TV station as an animator of television graphics, and soon began writing and directing commercials where in the early 2000s he became one of the small group of Serbian directors who revolutionized the world of Serbian advertising. In 2003, he received the TV NOVOSTI award for the most viewed and most successful advertising campaign (Monus - Fast).

His work is defined by a combination of live images and animation, so with personal training in the field of 3D animation and compositing, in 2004 he founded the production house and animation studio Mosquito Video and Animation, which today has 15 full-time employees.

He won the "Crystal Prism for Special Effects" from the Academy of Film Arts and Sciences of Serbia in 2013 for special effects and post-production on the film "Ice" - Jelene Bajić - Jočić

Winner of the award "La Nuit des Publivores - Jean-Marie Boursicot"
(Night of commercials) for the best non-profit campaign "Take care of yourself, think of others" - Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia

He is the supervisor of special effects and post-production on several full-length films, short films and series - "Žućko - the story of Radivoj Korac", "Led" and "For the King and the Fatherland", "Street Ships", "Kiss Kiss", "The Little One", "Serbian heroes of the Middle Ages", "Alphabet of our lives", etc.

He directed the TV movie "Te Quiero Radiša", the short film "The Boy Who Was Ashamed" - awarded by the European Council of the Red Cross, as well as the documentary film about the career of the famous Serbian artist Ljubiša Stojanović - Louis.

He produced, wrote and directed over 1200 commercials, the first Serbian animated series "Jet Set" which has 8 episodes of 45 minutes each, and the documentary series "Stories of Belgrade" based on the columns of Mr. Goran Vesić, which has 60 episodes. of 5 minutes each and signed by him as the director.

Since 2002, he has been producing and directing videos in political campaigns.
With continuous work in political marketing for over 20 years, with over 15 campaigns in more than 120 spots, he holds the title of the most prolific writer and director of political TV spots.
He is employed as a creative and expert consultant in political marketing both in Serbia and in the countries of the region.

He is married to his wife Maja, he has a son Aleksa and daughters Mia and Jana.

Kontantine Frovlov

Director of Photography

Konstantine is one of our exclusive DOP that specializes in motion picture, commercials, sports and tv series.

His work take All Augustus Projects visually 


Animation / Motion Graphics Artist

Malek is one of Augustus Films top creative animators. A 3D Generalist & 3D Character Animator with +8 years of experience. Malek worked as freelancer for different clients from different countries around the world making 3D Animations & 3D Renderings delivering high-end quality.

Joe Erickson

Storyboard Artist 

Responsible for all Storyboards creations, toy commercials, music videos, explainer shorts and animated series.  

Joe works mostly in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Adobe Photoshop. He hold a bachelor's degree in fine arts. 

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David Codeglia

Writer | Director | VFX Supervisor

David Codeglia has directed feature films, television, commercials, music videos, and corporate videos for over two decades. Clients include Disney, LucasFilm, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Bad Robot, and more.

David is known for his cheerful energy, humor, imagination, technical expertise, resourcefulness, and an unwavering love and enthusiasm for his craft.


Director | Production Designer

Director and production designer who loves to tell distinctive stories using meticulously tailored aesthetic details. Nuanced art direction and cinematography play major roles in her filmmaking.  As a director and production designer Lauren's work has been awarded 13 Telly Awards, and top tier reviews in The New York Times, Variety, Deadline and Hollywood Reporter to name a few .

She has production designed several feature films and has directed for a variety of brands - currently with 3 feature films in post-production. Along her journey she’s worked extensively with notable talent such as; James Franco, Sofia Loren, Sharon Stone, Malcolm MacDowell, Timothy Blake Nelson, Judy Greer, Monica Bellucci, Scott Eastwood, Cedric The Entertainer, and many more.

Jorge Perez

Agent | Producer

Jorge Perez is an agent for celebrity artists. He represents commercial photographers and produces photo shoots, as well as providing brand amplification opportunities with local, national and international clients. Jorge's mission is to ensure commercial artists have the right commercial and emotional tools to connect their creative talent with clients around the world. Recently, he launched his very own podcast show, Outliers TV. This new podcast is about innovators changing the world taking the nontraditional route to success. As we navigate through the changes and impact of technology, Outliers TV will tell the ultimate inspiring stories about people creating their own path in this new social/digital age. is an agent for celebrity artists. In addition, Jorge Perez produced his own docu-reality series called Double Exposure on Bravo. The show followed famed photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani, who were known for their images of popular icons from Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and David Bowie, to magazine covers of actors from Eva Mendes, Will Smith, to Katie Holmes. Jorge was their agent and producer of the show.

Jimmy Huh

SEO Manager & Partner

Jimmy is responsible for SEO, business development, strategic partnerships, client growth and retention and marketing at Augustus Films.

An entrepreneur at heart, Jimmy always looks to see where value can be created and as a result has started multiple companies and contributed ideas,
strategy and structures to succeed to many more. Prior to joining Augustus Films, Jimmy has done consulting for Fortune 500 companies and held leadership positions in top tier apparel companies such as premium denim company J BRAND Jeans.

Jimmy is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Besi Zeka

VFX Artist/Supervisor 

BESI ZEKA is a Visual Effects Artist with experience in advertisement and feature films. In 2011, he graduated from The Los Angeles Film School, with degree in Visual Effects, where he started his passion from dream to screen. 

His involvement goes beyond many forms when it comes to Hollywood Film Industry. With his cohesive vision and creativity, he was invited to work on many advertisements for big brands such as Nike, Apple, Infiniti, One Republic, Mazda, Takeya, and feature films: Hawkeye, Transformers 4, Four Good Days, Teslafy Me, The Royalties, L-Word, UFO-J.J.Abrams, etc 

Besi established his online visual effects studio "MAYDAY" in Los Angeles where he produces and teaches vfx to young generations. 

James Codeglia

Director of Photography 

Director of Photography with over 17 years of experience working with Disney, Bad Robot, Lucas Films, Paramount, Warner Brothers and countless independent productions. He has the experience, intuition, and dedicated creative energy to give your project a professional, lasting impact.

Bryan Baltar

Sound Designer and Mixer

Award-winning sound designer and mixer. Bryan very passionate about his work and is committed to creating the highest quality original content for music producers, music supervisors, sound editors and recording artists aiming for the BillBoard charts.  Sound services include: Dialogue cleaning and syncing, Foley, ambience, room tone and mixing (Stereo and Surround) for your film.


Motion Designer | Illustrator

Augusto is passionate about art, since childhood he’s created characters and stories. In 2013, he graduated from the University of Marília, with a degree in Advertising, where he learned how to make a living with his imagination. Today he has fun with his creative work at Augustus, and is proud to work for big brands like Bradesco, Connect Car, Heineken, among others.

Eduardo Marquez

Editor / Motion Graphics

Eduardo began his filmmaking career at a really young age, recreating his favorite skits and sketches on to videotape and later working for the local TV station in his hometown of Chihuahua, Mexico.

His passion for music led him to study audio engineering and create a series of live sessions with all types of musicians and bands. Once out of college, Eduardo started working with a small production company based in Mexico City, making engaging content and ads for brands such as Fundación Televisa, Fossil and Carrera Eyewear, among others.

Soni Akash

Designer | Web Programming

Responsible for our web development and application development services. Our services are provided through a dedicated team of technology experts, creative designers and web developers. Our company is a growing entity that sets an example of technological innovation backed by consistent efforts that focus on the core vision and mission of the company. Our priority is not only to cater to an extensive customer base but also maintain a long-term relationship with our customers.

Peter Eglitis

Script Writer | VoiceOver Talent

Pete is a full-time voice-over working from my own state-of-the-art studio. We offer our clients Live directed sessions, 24 hour turnaround (often 4- 6hrs.) We can provide raw audio as well as fully produced work. His voice can be heard on commercials, radio promos, video narration, Christian TV and radio, Tik tok ads, youtube videos, corporate narrations as well as Voice mail messaging. 

Professional studio delivery in 24hours or less treated studio, optical hard-line, Live Directed Sessions Per SOURCE, ipDTL, SESSION LINK PRO, ZOOM, SKYPE, TEAMS, Cleanfeed 

  • SHURE sm27
  • SSL 2+, YAMAHA AG03 AG06
  • MAC MINI-LOGIC PRO X10.3 izotope RX7 - ADAM S1X Beyerdynamic DT770

Jean Paul Labbe

Writer | Director


Aadil Afzal

Full Stack Developer

Aadil Afzal is a dedicated and efficient full stack developer with 10+ years experience in application layers, presentation layers, and databases. Certified in both F/E and B/E technologies and implementing applications and solutions using a range of technologies and programming languages. Seeking to leverage broad development experience and hands-on technical expertise in a challenging role as a Developer.


Augustus Films has strategic partnership with several post houses to accommodate all your production or post production requests. Soundstages, Theatre rooms and dolby mixing rooms and full editing stations to complete your project.