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Rotoscoping los angeles

We Specialize in Music VideosCommercialsDocumentariesShort and Feature Films for TV, WEB and Broadcast. We provide Service Remotely and deliver up to 5K resolution. We work with industry standard equipment and support major cinema cameras and formats including RED, SONY, ARRI, CANON, BLACKMAGIC DESIGN and more.

Our Roto Artists trace the areas of live action frames where computer graphics will overlap or interact with live images. This creates clear areas (mattes) within the frame to allow all elements of the scene to be layered convincingly. This enables Compositors to combine all the various elements accurately. The role of Roto Artist exists more often on special effects work, within facility houses or on projects that combine live action and computer graphics.

If the camera is not moving within a shot, rotoscoping may involve only one frame; however, mattes will be needed if the CGI interacts with moving people, moving objects or moving background elements and, in these cases, mattes may be required for every frame. If the live action camera is moving, Roto Artists trace the relevant areas of every frame within that shot so that computer graphics can be combined accurately with the live action.

In addition to rotoscoping, Roto Artists assist generally in the preparation of material for compositing, including such tasks as painting out wires and rigs; doing basic green and blue screen compositing; and grading live action plates.

Our Services Include:

  • Rotoscope
  • CleanUp/Paint
  • Chroma Keying
  • Match Moving/Tracking
  • Rotomation
  • and more

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