Top Chef DevOps Interview Questions Updated 2023

Once the cookbook is ready, it is pushed to the Chef server from the workstation. We use the “knife” command-line tool or Berkshelf” to upload the cookbook. Both agile methodology and DevOps aim to make the software development process faster, more adaptive, and more efficient. However, agile is a software development philosophy, while DevOps is a set of approaches that define team culture. Agile is a collaborative, incremental approach to development that relies on feedback and increases adaptability.

devops chef interview questions

But breaking into the DevOps field is no small feat, and it inevitably means having to interview for one or more positions. During those interviews, candidates will likely be asked an assortment of questions, and they should be able to respond to them confidently and knowledgably. If you have any additional DevOps questions and are unable to find the answers, please do mention them in the comment section below. To bridge the gap between them, it should make both sides work on an identical environment. Containerization helps in setting an identical environment quickly, and it will provide easy access to operating system resources. Docker tool is widely used for implementing containerization in DevOps.

What is the difference between Git Merge and Git Rebase?

The DVCS does not require a centralized server to store the repository, as is the case with a centralized version control system such as Subversion. The concept of shifting left in DevOps is based on the idea that the application development and delivery process can be graphically represented as a workflow that moves from left to right. In traditional approaches to application development, tasks such as testing software are often done later in the development process, nearer to the right end of the graph. But DevOps moves such tasks toward the left end, that is, sooner in the development process. This shift to the left makes it possible to identify issues while they’re still more manageable, resulting in faster development cycles and more streamlined operations. Virtualization is a technology that allows multiple operating systems or applications to run on a single physical server or computer.

Top 25 Docker Interview Questions and Answers for 2024 – Simplilearn

Top 25 Docker Interview Questions and Answers for 2024.

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On the other hand, the environment might sit idle until the next update, essentially reversing the deployment process (in terms of which environment is updated first). The main configuration file consists of several directives that affect how Nagios operates. Now, Docker creates a new container MySQL from the existing Docker image. Simultaneously, the container chef certification devops layer of the read-write filesystem is also created on top of the image layer. The bug-occurring commit is called the “bad” commit, and the commit before the bug occurs is called the “good” commit. We convey the same to the git bisect tool, and it picks a random commit between the two endpoints and prompts whether that one is the “good” or “bad” one.

What is Trunk-Based development?

This switching of node behaviour is achieved through Chef environment settings. Environments help administrators to easily identify the stage where the particular node is a part of. Security is an important feature in infrastructure management, in Chef this could be achieved through data bags. While preparing recipes for setting the different nodes we might need to provide some sensitive data as well for example like authorization credentials. It is not a good practice to hard code them as this may lead to many security risks.

  • A) Use the apt_update resource to manage APT repository updates on Debian and Ubuntu platforms.
  • Software configuration management and build/release (version control) tools, including Apache Subversion, Mercurial, Fossil and others, help document change requests.
  • With the adoption of DevOps methodology, organizations are able to accomplish tens to thousands of deployments in a single day.

Automation testing can help speed up the software delivery process by quickly checking the software without the need for human interaction. In this article, the experts at Talent500 have outlined the top X interview questions for securing a DevOps job in 2023 with the best possible package. Test kitchen achieves this through automatic provisioning and exclusion of temporary instances. Also, Test kitchen helps in addressing cookbook dependencies and application of cookbooks to instances. The Edureka DevOps Certification Training course helps learners gain expertise in various DevOps processes and tools such as Puppet, Jenkins, Nagios and GIT for automating multiple steps in SDLC.

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