Street Ships

Short Film

Street Ships

Life-long neighbors Alex and Jenna turn an otherwise ordinary childhood into a life of fantastical journeys with their imaginations. Toy blocks and castles give way to first cars and street ships as the two discover the bigger they allow themselves to dream, the better they cope with life. Director Jamie Brindle brings the words of John O.S. Houston to life through colorful imagery and VFX in this 18-min short film.

Directed By
Jamie Brindle

Written & Produced By
John OS Houston

Visual Effects By:
Caesar Augustus & Srdjan Vasics
Augustus Films in Association with Mosquito Adventure

Our Approach

We approached the  element capturing the childlike imagination we still hold inside as adults. We thought it would be a great opportunity to match the feel of the film and create some realistic CG the imagination. We had over 100 shots, with over 10 artists to complete the directors vision.

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