Brinc Ball

Product Campaign

Brinc Ball

Brinc entrusted Augustus Films to produce the look and feel for Brinc Ball campaign video. 

BRINC Ball is a first of its kind two-way communication device built to enhance de-escalation for public safety. First responders can deploy the ball in areas they cannot reach, and call the ball to activate its microphone and speaker. Elevating traditional negotiation, de-escalation and search missions. The BRINC Ball has a variety of pre-programmed text commands for adjusting settings, checking battery life, and even viewing its GPS location. All of BRINC Ball’s features are accessible by calling or text, no app needed. And it’s built to last, BRINC Ball is water resistant and can sustain 10-foot drops onto concrete. Battery life is similarly extreme, with 24 hours of sustained talk time, or over 5 days of standby time.

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Producer Caesar Augustus

Director Dave Codeglia

Director of Photography Konstantine Frovlov

Drone Photography: Caesar Augustus

Editors: Vadym Shapran & Caesar Augustus

Animation/VFX: Malek 

Sound Design/Mix: Bryan Baltar

Hair/Makeup: Jena Morgansen

PA/Production Design Assistant: Adrienne Shiang

Talent: Nick Tag, Yvette Santos , Jose Rosete, Al Burke, Frank Mercuri & Kayla Mercuri

Police and Ambulance vehicles provided by CopshopLA

Voiceover: Peter Eglistis

BTS Camera James Codeglia & Caesar Augustus

BTS Edited Caesar Augustus & Eduardo Marquez

Production Designer Lauren Paonessa

Production: Augustus Films

The making of Brinc Ball

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