Sun Yesod

Music Video

Sun Yesod

Excited to bring you “Sun Yesod” by IAO Carla. What an adventure it was to film this video. We traveled to Sequoia National Park and was met with Snow and found the biggest and largest tree in the world reveals rays of life energy in its roots, and displays for the first time in history the visual proof of Connectedness and Oneness between all Aliveness. Watch full video (link in bio), for secret visuals on how to embody the magic. SUN YESOD, the video : des-incarnation 

Inspired from Kabbalah’s first text and universal ancient wisdom.

Masterminds in creation :
Video production Augustus Films Los Angeles
Director/Producer: Caesar Augustus
Edited by: Caesar Augustus
DP: Konstantine Frolov
AD: Maxim Phroloff
VFX Supervisor: Caesar Augustus
VFX: Besi Zeka & Caesar Augustus

The making of

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