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An image in motion creates momentum.
The power of video visually conveys a message, it enhances a public image and is the most powerful form of communication speaking to the world.

For over 15 years, we at Augustus Films have provided clients with high quality production and development services.


We provide creative services in Production, Post, Visual Effects, 3D animation and motion graphics. We are a team with a passion for creating cutting edge content.

We often partner with like-minded individuals and creators who have the same message and passion.

We believe that a world with communication and visual stimulation is a world united and inspired.


Visual Effects


Color Grading


We offer full production services, with a team of producers, directors, cinematographers that aim to create top quality content for your project. We work with many studios, agencies, independent producers, supporting your creative needs from start to finish.

We provide Service Remotely and deliver up to 5K resolution. We work with industry standard equipment and support major cinema cameras and formats including RED, SONY, ARRI, CANON, BLACKMAGIC DESIGN and more.


We have a team of experienced in-house editors who offer quick turnaround on post-production services. Our editors are available 24-hours a day, making them a cost-effective and time-efficient option.


Bring your design to life. From short product 3D videos to long 3D animation productions our team will produce and deliver a wide range of 3D productions that will exceed your expectations.

Visual effect services like Rotoscoping, 3D, Tracking & MatchMove/Rotomation, Paint/Wire Removal/Clean up, Chroma/Keying, compositing and more!

Drone Photography

Stunning aerial photography and videography. We have the eye to get that ideal shot every time and we are committed to quality, efficiency, teamwork and clear communication.


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